How To Live in Buildings That Dance in the Wind

How To Live in Buildings That Dance in the Wind
– Rotating buildings slowly shift the position of each floor

Buildings based on Dynamic Architecture would use wind power to generate movement.

Are you getting tired of the same old view when you look out the windows of your apartment, or you just feel the need for a change in your life? No problem!

Soon, with the push of a button you will be able to rotate your entire floor so that your apartment will get on another side of the building. This could be very useful, provided you reach an agreement with your floor neighbors.

It’s not just a fantasy anymore, as the rotating buildings will really be built around the world in the not so distant future, starting with Dubai, In the United Arab Emirates.
The system is called Dynamic Architecture and will allow each floor of the building to rotate slowly, based on commands issued by the owners of condos or apartments on that floor and probably by the owners of the building, for coordinated movements of the floors.

How is this possible? Well, each floor is made up of individual pie-like sections that are pre-built and hoisted up a central core around which the building has been constructed. The constructors claim that the rotating buildings require a team of only 90 people to build, as opposed to the 2,000 needed to raise a skyscraper today.

In addition to the rotation movement, a novelty in the construction industry, the buildings will also posses other singularities, like wind turbines placed between floors and which rotate freely with the wind to produce electrical power, coupled with solar cells on the tops of the individual floors.

It would really be cool to go to sleep looking at the city lights and wake up with a beautiful view of the ocean and this will be possible on the coast of U.A.E. in the near future. The actual movement of the floors will be very slow, so you don’t wake up in the middle of an artificial earhtquake.